What the ciritics said...

"Beardy Wierdy Wibbly Wobbler" Gregory 18

"oooh Wodblogg ooooh cwossfat" Naomi 22

"oh you rotter" Howard 102

"STAAAAAAAABIES" Ruth Fossilised

Welcome to Isobel's home pages. The site is for, well, me really, gosh. How very old. How very sad .

When not insulting my father and his friends, here are some of the things I get up to.


Shows that I think deserve recognition Especially the fantastic work of Fatty and Chubby


Fatty stars in The fattest pig in the world!

more from Fatty here!

Chubby is fantastic in Sleepy pig

more from Chubby here!


In this spot, will one day be a link to various creative things. One day. Promise.

Oh, and here are the Beer bellies

1001 things to do with a Floppy disk


My mates on the web. Contacts for various things. Links I just happen to like.

My dad at Bridesmaid Here

My favourite cake shop

My dad's work page